The Innovation Act

The Innovation Act (H.R. 3309) will make needed changes to the U.S. patent system that will help boost America’s economy.

This summer, President Obama discussed the need for patent reform. Now the Administration has announced its support for The Innovation Act. Read the Statement of Administration Policy here.

To learn more about what The Innovation Act will do to help American businesses, read a summary of the legislation itself.

Why should you support The Innovation Act? Learn more here. 

Support for The Innovation Act comes from many sectors from throughout the economy. To see what others have to say about the bill, click here.

From coast to coast, many American industries support The Innovation Act. Read a new letter from them here.

Venture capitalists agree that patent trolls discourage investment. In a recent letter, they explain why they support patent reform. See that letter here.

Legal scholars recognize the need for reforms to the patent system. Find a letter from law school professors here.

Patent trolls hurt inventors and other entrepreneurs. Learn what inventors have to say here.

CPF members continue to support The Innovation Act, and in a recent letter to Congress, they detailed what specifically they like. Learn more here.

REALTORS in all 50 states help advance America’s economy, support individual investment, and create jobs. But even they are being attacked by patent trolls. That’s why they support The Innovation Act.

America’s high-tech industry has long been plagued by patent trolls. That’s why they support H.R. 3309.

Patent trolls hit Main Street businesses, like hotels and inns. That's why 35 state hotel associations signed a letter asking Congress to stop patent trolls.

With a 33-5 vote in favor of The Innovation Act by the House Judiciary Committee, there is clearly bipartisan support for the bill. Learn more about why some conservative think tanks think that it will help American businesses here.

Take Action! Show your support for The Innovation Act. To contact your Member of Congress, click here.