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CPF Statement on the Nomination of Victoria Espinel as IP Coordnator

WASHINGTON, D.C. – September 25, 2009: The Coalition for Patent Fairness (CPF) issued the following statement regarding the nomination of Victoria Espinel as the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator or “IP czar”:

“In nominating Victoria Espinel as the IP czar, President Obama selected a knowledgeable and true leader on intellectual property-related issues. The experience Ms. Espinel has gained as founder of Bridging the Innovation Divide and as former Assistant United States Trade Representative for Intellectual Property and Innovation in the Office of the United States Trade Representative will ensure U.S. intellectual property is protected in foreign markets and will allow her to promote U.S. innovation, ingenuity, and new products, which will in turn drive our economy forward.”

As the IP coordinator Victoria Espinel, will oversee the law-enforcement efforts of several government agencies including - the U.S. Trade Representative, the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department and the Department of Justice - in the area of piracy and IP infringement.

The Coalition for Patent Fairness is a diverse group of companies and industry associations dedicated to enhancing U.S. innovation, job creation, and competitiveness in the global market by modernizing and strengthening our nation’s patent system.

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